Will Cool Clothes Make Young People Love Golf?

Old and new concepts have knowledgeable his aesthetic sensibility. This fall, Malbon will introduce plush merino sweaters made with the Scottish heritage model Lyle & Scott. Earlier this yr, the corporate partnered with Nike on a line of graffiti-esque golf footwear that shortly offered out. And Beats, its co-host for the social gathering, not too long ago formalized endorsement offers with Mr. Finau, 29, and Justin Thomas, 26, the PGA’s seventh-ranked participant.

“If you look at him, he’s just straight up Southern California,” Mr. Finau mentioned of Mr. Malbon. “He’s got swag. The game of golf needs more of those personalities.”

“There’s a lot more guys like me on the tour that would like to come to a party like this,” he added, “instead of a place where they have to wear a button-up shirt.”

An unbuttoned philosophy governs the Malbon Golf Club, based in May, a collective of L.A.-area golfers who plan to compete, month-to-month, on a municipal course, “so you don’t have to pay $300,000 to be able to play with a good group of people and have a good time,” Ms. Malbon mentioned. The first gathering is scheduled for late June.

“There are a lot of people like me, who, just because I want to join my dad’s country club, doesn’t mean I want to act like he did,” mentioned Mr. Malbon.

“Or wear his clothes,” mentioned Ms. Malbon. Still, she admitted, they’re within the technique of becoming a member of a standard nation membership, “mainly because our younger son,” they’ve two, ages 7 and 9, “is really obsessed with golf.”

“He needs camp,” mentioned Mr. Malbon.

“It’s an investment in his future,” she mentioned.

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