What If Bungie Abandons PvP And Crucible Altogether For ‘Destiny 3’?

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This weekend I used to be listening to IGN’s Fireteam Chat podcast, once I was shocked for 2 causes. First, I heard my very own title, as they referenced my musings on the awfulness of enhancement cores (what’s up guys), however secondly they mentioned a rumor that I hadn’t heard earlier than.

It’s from an nameless leaker (Correction: an earlier model of this text mentioned it was well-known leaker AnontheNine, who has made D3 predictions, however not those listed right here), however I’m not right here to speak concerning the validity of his claims as I’ve zero thought if these things will come to move, and it’s doable even Bungie itself doesn’t know. But I do suppose it’s price discussing in idea, given what it could possibly be imply for Destiny going ahead as a sequence.

The rumor is that this:

  • Destiny three is contemplating dropping PvP and conventional Crucible
  • They are as a substitute taking a look at one thing that works probably like The Division’s Dark Zone mixing PvP and PvE

These rumblings have been bolstered by the truth that Bungie has just lately seen the departure of two high-profile group members Jon Weisnewski and Josh Hamrick, each senior gameplay designers who spent plenty of time within the sandbox balancing Crucible.

Again, I don’t know if this rumor is said to those occasions. But what would it not do to Destiny if the idea of conventional PvP was deserted? Would that be good or unhealthy for the sequence?

Short reply: it relies upon.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2Bungie

On the one hand, there are nonetheless a whole lot of hundreds of people that play Destiny Crucible each day, and a very good many who adore it. Crucible, whether or not it’s commonplace modes, Iron Banner or Trials has been a key a part of Destiny’s DNA from the beginning, and even when it often takes a backseat to the quantity of PvE content material there’s, imagining Destiny with out it feels unusual.

However, it’s been fairly clear that Bungie has been scuffling with the Crucible for some time now. Players simply have by no means appeared to love Destiny 2’s Crucible as a lot as D1’s, even with a lot of modifications. Trials was killed off final 12 months and appears unlikely to ever return. Crucible Labs was an experiment that fizzled shortly. Even the Crucible group appears MIA, providing no updates about the way forward for the mode (and now main members of it have left). So far, not one of the Annual Pass content material has something actually to do with Crucible, exterior of some unique quest steps and a few Iron Banner tweaks.

The thought of how it will work if Destiny deserted PvP is that they must provide one thing substantive in return. As in, all of the assets dedicated to Crucible ought to now be devoted to creating extra, considerably extra, PvE content material. And the elimination of PvP would theoretically open up worlds of chance for gearing as you may go actually nuts with issues like unique perks or potential full gearsets with out making an attempt to puzzle out how it will have an effect on steadiness in PvP. This is one thing Destiny has at all times struggled with, and sometimes it looks like PvE has been nerfed in favor of some stab at PvP steadiness, which regularly makes each modes undergo.

But there’s kind of a difficult middleground right here. If there’s no extra Crucible, what occurs to say, Gambit, which nonetheless has a PvP aspect in invasion? What to make of this second rumor about Destiny getting some kind of Dark Zone-like mode which might nonetheless embrace PvP, which raises extra questions on time-to-kill in a mode like that? It’s a sophisticated matter.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2Bungie

For me personally, I don’t suppose I’d miss Destiny PvP if it imply extra PvE content material and the flexibility to create wilder gear. When I take into consideration how I play The Division, I hardly ever step foot in its PvP modes, however I’m having a good time in PvE. And by no means as soon as taking part in Anthem have I felt the urge to say “this is fun, but if only I could fight other javelins!”

And but there’s something inescapably unhappy about Bungie, the studio that gave us Halo multiplayer, abandoning PvP. I suppose the world has modified. The quantity of competitors within the area is huge, and never simply from perennials like Call of Duty and Battlefront/area, however Overwatch’s hero taking pictures, and your complete battle royale craze of PUBG, Fortnite and now Apex Legends. And the place does Destiny match into all that? It feels prefer it…sort of doesn’t.

When Destiny PvP is nice, it’s one thing that may maintain gamers engaged when there isn’t a lot else to do. But Destiny PvP has not precisely been in an awesome state for ages now, and all indicators from Bungie just lately are exhibiting much less fascinating in fixing/increasing Crucible reasonably than extra. So I’d not be shocked to study that these potential drastic modifications flip into precise drastic modifications.

What do you suppose?

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