‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Breaks Down at the Box Office

LOS ANGELES — The “Terminator” franchise will not be again.

The moviegoing plenty in the United States and Canada spurned the sixth chapter in the science-fiction film collection over the weekend — the fifth and fourth installments had been box-office misfires, too — calling into query the way forward for the 35-year-old property, which has additionally been mined over the years for tv reveals and video video games.

The newest movie, “Terminator: Dark Fate,” value at least $185 million to make, not together with tens of tens of millions of dollars in advertising and marketing bills. While it was No. 1 in North America, ticket gross sales in North America fell nicely beneath expectations: $29 million, in line with Comscore. Paramount Pictures, which distributed the film, had been anticipating about $40 million.

“Were we hoping for more? Of course,” Kyle Davies, Paramount’s president of home distribution, mentioned by telephone on Sunday. “But we are proud of the movie. It truly delivers big action and big thrills. We tried to understand and honor what the fans wanted.”

Overseas, the place Disney is generally dealing with distribution (by its 20th Century Fox division), ticket gross sales had been comparatively leaden: $73 million from 48 international locations.

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