Remembering Those Who Lived the Apollo 11 Mission

Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

“Houston, Tranquillity Base here,” Mr. Armstrong radioed to mission management. “The Eagle has landed.” Some hours later, he stepped onto the floor of the moon, the first individual to take action. He marked that reality with phrases which have turn out to be acquainted: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Wernher von Braun (1912-1977)

Von Braun designed the Saturn V rocket utilized in the Apollo 11 mission and eight different Apollo launches. His work gave him a central place in the pantheon of area exploration, however his legacy is ambiguous. He additionally designed the V-2 rocket for the Nazis.

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Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982)

Presence among us, / wanderer in our skies,

dazzle of silver in our leaves and on our / waters silver,

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