On Hannity’s radio show, Bill O’Reilly cites his service in the War on Christmas as a blueprint to fight Media Matters posting direct quotes from conservatives

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): They need to destroy each conservative voice, Bill. Every second, each minute, each hour, each day, any conservative voice is on the air, it is being taped — in the hopes that one phrase, phrase, sentence, may very well be taken out of context, and be used to destroy, and bludgeon and run out of city, and run out of enterprise.

BILL O’REILLY: You know, they did that to me, and I’ve considered it a lot for the previous couple of years, and I do know that occurs, and so do your listeners, that Media Matters and these persons are taping the whole lot, hoping to discover one thing they will carry to the companies.

But it is the companies’ fault, you realize? If American companies are gonna say, “Oh, we’re going to give into this blackmail and extortion, oh, we’re not gonna advertise on certain shows because we’re threatened with boycotts,” or no matter it could be, you then’re undermining our democracy, you, the company entities, are doing that.

And I would love to see a watchdog group stand up, and begin naming these companies, as I did in the Merry Christmas controversy about 12 years in the past.

HANNITY: We’re allowed to say “Merry Christmas” once more?

O’REILLY: Everybody can say it now, as a result of I — I will take credit score for this, went on the air and stated —

HANNITY: The conflict on Christmas —

O’REILLY: — listed below are the companies and corporations which are forbidding their staff to say “Merry Christmas.”

HANNITY: But, you realize —

O’REILLY: I put it on the market, and guess what occurred?

HANNITY: It labored.

O’REILLY: You know, in 5 days, all people — they could not say “Merry Christmas” loud sufficient.

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