Living Each Day to the Fullest After ‘Miraculous’ Recovery From Bike Crash

Gabriel Schirn says he is fortunate to have his psychological and bodily colleges intact after a harmful bicycle crash in 2016 that despatched him to a hospital for almost two weeks.

“I broke my wrist in two places, fractured my nose, and there was a little bit of brain bleeding. Fortunately, I’ve recovered miraculously from all that,” he says.

Since then, the 22-year-old double main in chemical engineering and piano efficiency has had a particular affinity for dwelling life to the fullest.

“Actually since that bike crash that I was in, it’s been hard for me to feel relaxed,” he says. “Part of me wants to keep moving and keep going … do what I can to make the most of things.”

Not solely is he good at math, science and music, however he additionally enjoys poetry, swimming, working, volunteering with pals and knitting — which he realized in elementary faculty.

“In fifth grade, knitting was mandatory for everyone — boys and girls, everyone — so I had to go through it,” he says.

But it is turn out to be useful, particularly since he was in a position to make Christmas items one 12 months when he was low on monetary funds.

“I think of a quote by Franz Liszt, who was a great, probably the greatest piano virtuoso of the 19th Century. And he said that great technique starts with being a complete person,” Schirn says.

“He was speaking about great technique at the piano but I realize that all these things cross-pollinate and I believe that life is a feast.”