Literally Everyone On Earth Has The Same ‘Star Wars Episode 9: Rise Of Skywalker’ Theory

Yesterday, we obtained our first have a look at the final Star Wars film for a very good lengthy whereas, the top of the Skywalker period, however not earlier than placing the title in precise title of the film for as soon as.

The movie is named Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker, which has led to a flurry of hypothesis about what precisely which means. The quick theories that first leapt to everybody’s thoughts are all, little doubt, flawed. They embrace:

  • Skywalker referring to Rey’s true parentage as this movie appears to be like to alter the Rian Johnson “Rey’s parents are no one” reveal in Episode VIII.
  • Skywalker referring to Ben reclaiming the title and turning from the Dark Side.
  • Skywalker referring to Leia.
  • Skywalker referring to Luke going full force-ghost and exhibiting up loads to affect issues.

All of those theories have been encapsulated in a single tweet from Mark Hamill, which is the ultimate nail within the coffin that ought to let you know that none of them or true, or he wouldn’t be egging folks on with potential spoilers.

Once you progress previous the concept anybody is a secret Skywalker or reclaiming the household title, a second principle kinds. I considered this by myself, till I went on the web and noticed that roughly 100 million folks had provide you with the identical concept.

The principle is that ‘Skywalker’ goes to interchange the time period ‘Jedi,’ as Luke will get his want when he mentioned that the Jedi should finish. As in, now you can practice to change into a Skywalker moderately than a Jedi, and hopefully it comes with some vital distinctions.

While the Jedi weren’t flat-out evil just like the uber-facist Sith going round torturing folks and destroying planets, they weren’t precisely nice both. They successfully created Darth Vader by ripping Anakin away from his mom, not permitting him to go to or convey her with him (resulting in her demise) and forbidding love so he needed to preserve his relationship with Padme a secret (resulting in her demise as nicely). The Jedi’s guidelines about attachment to household or important others are ludicrous, which ends up in a bunch of lonely power hermits who change into at greatest, members of the Jedi council who’re dumb sufficient to be blind to a galaxy-wide conspiracy to wipe them out, or at worst, precise Sith. Luke, when he was in full Jedi trainer mode, was the one who in the end brought on Ben to completely flip to the Dark Side, resulting in that cascading chain of horrible occasions.

The level is, Luke is true, the Jedi ought to finish. Not that everybody has to cease utilizing the power and throw away their lightsabers, but when Rey turns into the primary of a brand new order of Skywalkers that actually brings steadiness to the power and bridges the divide between creepy boastful monks and murderous tortured souls, that may most likely be higher for the universe at giant.

Episode VIII has already set this as much as a sure extent. The concept is Skywalker can come from anyplace. Rey’s dad and mom are nobody (and they’ll keep nobody), and the ultimate tease of the movie is a few random steady boy exhibiting power prowess. This pulls away from the concept the place followers are desperately trying to find somebody, anybody to be a secret Skywalker offspring as a result of that overlooks the purpose that the household title and genetics shouldn’t matter. Skywalker just isn’t heritage, it’s a philosophy that’s hopefully higher than something the Jedi or Sith got here up with for 1000’s of years which resulted in limitless wars as depressing warriors on each side.

Is this principle true? We haven’t any possible way of figuring out for positive till Episode 9 will get right here, however I’m 20x extra prone to imagine it than the concept Rey’s parentage is being retconned or Kylo Ren goes to be going by Ben Skywalker by the top of the film. It might not play out precisely like this, however I believe there’s a motive everybody jumped to this principle instantly.

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