‘Dr. Bob’ Sears Accused Of Issuing Invalid Vaccine Medical Exemptions–Again

Bob Sears, a pediatrician from Orange County, proper, testifies in opposition to a measure by state Sen. Dr. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, left, who can also be a pediatrician, that may give public well being officers oversight of medical doctors that could be giving fraudulent medical expeditions from vaccinations throughout a listening to of the Assembly Health Committee on the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, June 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)


“Dr. Bob” Sears, MD, the controversial California doctor identified for his Godwin-esque advocacy in opposition to vaccination necessities and a vaccine e-book crammed with misinformation, is dealing with one other accusation from the Medical Board of California, lower than a 12 months after he was positioned on probation for medically negligent practices. Ironically, the grievance was filed simply two days earlier than Sears testified at a California legislative committee listening to in opposition to SB 276, a invoice that goals to stop precisely the conduct that led to his earlier censure and this grievance.

“I find it astonishing that a person who is on probation with the medical board is going to be the main spokesperson to say the bill is bad, the person the bill is designed to protect against,” California State Senator Richard Pan, MD, FAAP, (D – Sacramento) advised me after the invoice he’s sponsoring handed out of the Assembly Health Committee 9-2 yesterday.

What Happened?

The grievance, introduced by Kimberly Kirchmeyer, govt director of the Medical Board of California, alleges that Sears filed medical vaccination exemptions for a pair of siblings who didn’t have medically acknowledged contraindications for any vaccines, based mostly on what he recorded of their medical data.

Medical exemptions permit kids to attend California colleges with out having acquired immunizations required by the state for varsity attendance. Following SB 277 in 2015, California grew to become the third state to solely permit medical exemptions. Similar payments have since turn out to be regulation in Maine this May and in New York final week.

The sufferers are a 7-year-old unvaccinated boy with psoriasis and his sister, whose solely medical historical past is a bee sting allergy. Both noticed Sears on May four, 2016 for a grievance of “vaccine exemption appt.”

Sears recorded the kids’s household medical historical past as “autoimmune disorders, lupus, psoriasis (in Dad), inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome (in Dad), gluten sensitivity severe in Mom and Aunt, suspect CD [celiac disease] in aunt, neurodevelopmental disorders, ADD/ADHD (in Dad), psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia (Dad), bipolar, and depression.”

The boy’s examination included “psoriatic plaques on scalp, back of neck and ears,” and the woman’s examination was regular, although Sears documented no very important indicators for her (blood stress and temperature). Both kids had been recognized with “viral infection, unspecified” and “feeding difficulties” regardless of the aim of the appointments being solely recorded as “vaccine exemption” visits.

Sears decided that the boy “qualified for medical exemption from vaccines for family history of autoimmune disorders (Dad and others), inflammatory bowel disease (Dad), neurodevelopmental disorders (Dad), psychiatric disorders (Dad), and the child’s own autoimmune disorder.” Sears decided the woman certified “based on review of her past medical history, family history, and current state of health.” He filed letters for each kids “exempting [them] from all vaccines for the rest of [their] childhood.”

None of the situations or household historical past, as famous within the kids’s data, meet the standards for contraindications to any CDC-recommended childhood vaccines, in line with the CDC. The grievance notes for the boy “childhood long medical vaccine exemption… based on diagnosis of psoriasis, without immunosuppressive medication, is a simple departure from standard of care.”

Immunosuppressive remedy, together with that used to deal with autoimmune illness reminiscent of psoriasis, is a contraindication for dwell vaccines, such because the MMR and chickenpox vaccines, defined Jaime Friedman, MD, FAAP from Children’s Primary Care Medical Group in San Diego. The grievance goes on to say the boy’s prognosis and each kids’s household historical past “are not a known contraindication or precaution to routine childhood vaccination.”

The father of the kids appeared to agree. Seven months later, on January 25, 2017, the kids’s mom referred to as to inform Sears’ workplace that the kids’s father “retract his consent regarding the medical exemption letter.” Since exemptions require consent from each custodial mother and father, Sears advised her the exemption letter was not legitimate. To get one other letter, each mother and father would wish to return in and produce the kids’s previous medical data, he mentioned. Both kids’s data “contain an amended copy of the medical exemption letter dated May 4, 2017, stating the original exemption letter is no longer valid and should be disregarded due to a change in family circumstances and consent.”

The Medical Board accusation contains “failure to maintain adequate records” as a second trigger for self-discipline as a result of Sears “failed to obtain and document an appropriate and accurate past medical history, physical exam and family/social history” for the kids. This cost was additionally within the earlier accusation that led to Sears’ 35-month probation in July 2018. Sears didn’t return my emailed request for remark.

UPDATE: Sears has addressed the grievance on Facebook right here. He defends his choice to difficulty a medical exemption for the kid with psoriasis on the idea of eight research he hyperlinks:

  • One research entails 43 sufferers who acquired the 2009-2010 flu vaccine; sufferers’ ages aren’t famous. Patients with psoriasis are literally at greater threat for some infectious illnesses since psoriasis is an autoimmune dysfunction. Interestingly, one other research Sears linked studies “recent infectious disease” as a threat issue “for a first episode of acute guttate psoriasis.”
  • Two are single case research—a 26-year-old lady in Korea after the H1N1 vaccine and a 50-year-old in Portugal after the tetanus-diphtheria (Td) vaccine—which can’t be used as proof of causation.
  • Another makes use of a nationwide survey to establish 10 grownup sufferers with psoriasis onset or flares after the 2009-2010 H1N1 vaccine in France—a distinct vaccine than that given within the US. The authors conclude “the likely very low incidence of psoriasis following vaccination emphasizes the safe profile and the relevance of vaccination strategies in psoriasis patients.”
  • He mentions two research, right here and right here, associated to the BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine, which isn’t a routine childhood immunization within the US. BCG vaccinations within the US are uncommon, notably for kids.
  • And lastly, Sears lists a case research of two sufferers after the BCG vaccine and one for the flu vaccine — revealed in 1955.

Medical Exemptions Appear Inappropriate

“Without being able to review the child’s medical chart and assuming the child was not on immunosuppressive medication, I don’t see a reason for the child to have a vaccine exemption,” Friedman advised me. With the “viral infection, unspecified” within the chart, Friedman mentioned that “may very well be a contraindication to giving the vaccine that day however to not giving it sooner or later.”

Friedman, who has written three medical exemptions for her sufferers, mentioned contraindications actually exist for sure vaccines however are uncommon. “These are the patients you want to protect, so these are the kids you want to surround with vaccinated people, like their classmates and their siblings,” she mentioned. If she had a affected person on immunosuppressive remedy for an autoimmune illness, she mentioned she would work with the kid’s specialist, reminiscent of a dermatologist or rheumatologist, to find out if and when it was protected for the kid to obtain vaccines.

Pan agreed that if kids “had a skin rash so severe that they would need immunosuppression significantly enough that they can’t be vaccinated, probably a specialist is involved, especially for something like psoriasis.” He additionally famous the weird choice to supply an exemption till “the end of childhood.” “Unless you have proof that this condition suddenly terminates at the end of childhood,” Pan mentioned, a health care provider would difficulty both a everlasting exemption for a persistent, everlasting contraindicated situation or a short lived exemption till the contraindicated situation or remedy resolves.

The grievance comprises different “much more fundamental issues,” mentioned Sonia Khan, MD, FAAP, director of Pediatric Crisis Solutions, a consulting agency, and medical director of the Team Substance Use Disorder Program at City of Fremont in California. Khan testified for SB 276 on the California Assembly.

“He didn’t even do vital signs on these kids. If you don’t do vital signs on the kids, right off the bat, the medical exam isn’t complete,” Khan advised me. “If these do prove to be valid accusations, then there are some pretty flagrant violations.”

She mentioned this grievance reveals the necessity for the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to have the ability to monitor down medical exemptions and decide the exams and exemptions had been carried out correctly.

What SB 276 Would Do

SB 276 invoice requires guardians whose kids obtain a medical vaccine exemption to signal a kind that releases the medical data to CDPH and the Medical Board of California for assessment. The present incarnation of the invoice contains two potential triggers for assessment: if the kid attends a faculty with an immunization charge under 95% or if the doctor who wrote the exemption has issued greater than 5 medical exemptions within the earlier 12 months.

The second requirement will not be a cap, Pan mentioned. A pediatric oncologist, for instance, might have to write down many greater than 5 exemptions in a 12 months. It merely means the CDPH can assessment the exemptions. If a number of exemptions seem invalid, the CDPH can refer the case to the medical board, the disciplinary company. Currently, each the CDPH and medical board have problem reviewing exemptions as a result of they lack entry to the medical data of youngsters with exemptions.

“The difficulty up until now in chasing down potentially fraudulent exemptions is that the families are complicit,” Khan mentioned. “When a doctor gets reported, the family or someone else is triggering an investigation. In a fraudulent exemptions, the families aren’t going to cooperate.”

“HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996] has a specific exception for public health agencies engaged in ‘public health surveillance, public health investigations, and public health investigations,’ that covers SB276 and board investigations,” mentioned Dorit Reiss, a professor of regulation on the University of California Hastings College of Law who focuses on vaccine coverage. Reiss, who formally entered her title in assist of SB 276, wrote a backgrounder in regards to the invoice right here.

But that doesn’t imply the data are simple to get. Another ongoing case illustrates this downside: The Medical Board of California sued Bay Area pediatrician Ron Kennedy, MD, to compel him to supply affected person data “of three minors for whom Dr. Kennedy provided vaccination exemptions.” Kennedy refused, and the San Francisco metropolis and depend court docket compelled him to supply the data. Kennedy filed an attraction, and this most up-to-date submitting denied his request to remain the court docket’s demand that he flip over the medical data.

Sears’ grievance doesn’t word who reported him or offered the medical data. His earlier accusation arose from a mum or dad who offered the data, in line with an unnamed, verified supply.

Parents are sometimes not those who set off medical exemptions, Pan defined. In truth, pediatricians do not need “medical exemption appts” in any respect. Appointments are sometimes nicely visits, acute care visits, persistent care visits or follow-ups.

“A medical exemption should usually result from the pediatrician or a specialist seeing them saying ‘given the condition or situation you have, I would recommend we either don’t vaccinate or hold off on these vaccines,’” Pan mentioned. “It’s odd for parents to ask for a medical exemption.”

Increased Medical Exemptions Triggered SB 276

Yet that seems to have turn out to be a development after SB 277 eradicated private perception exemptions. In late 2018, a research in Pediatrics discovered issues that had emerged from implementation of the regulation, together with confusion and frustration over which medical exemptions had been legitimate, how colleges and well being departments ought to monitor them, excessive charges medical doctors had been charging for them and considerations that medical exemptions had been rising.

Indeed, simply this month, among the identical researchers discovered California medical exemptions had elevated regardless of an general decline in unvaccinated kids getting into college in California. A 12 months after the invoice took impact, four.four% of kindergartens entered college with out all required vaccinations, down from 7.2% the earlier 12 months. But medical exemptions quadrupled from zero.6% to 2.four%. The following 12 months, non-up-to-date kindergartners ticked up barely, by zero.5%. In a state of almost 40 million individuals, that’s a pair hundred thousand extra kids not absolutely vaccinated in a 12 months with essentially the most measles instances because the illness was eradicated from the US.

Another research within the American Journal of Public Health discovered that SB 277 was interpreted and applied inconsistently in class districts and native well being departments all through California resulting from “vague legislative and regulatory language.” The researchers additionally discovered “lack of centralized review of medical exemptions allowed medical exemptions that are not consistent with valid contraindications for immunizations to be accepted.” Among the uncertainties had been what sorts of physicians can write vaccine medical exemptions, which well being situations qualify for one and the best way to report doubtful or suspicious ones.

Those are exactly the problems that SB 276 goals to handle.

“The major purpose of SB276 is to prevent unscrupulous doctors from selling unnecessary exemptions so we can restore community immunity,” mentioned Leah Russin, govt director of Vaccinate California, who’s co-sponsoring SB 276 with the California Medical Association and the California chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

She famous that 835 colleges in California—with almost 400,000 college students—have kindergarten MMR immunization charges beneath 95%, in line with CDPH knowledge.

“If true, the new complaint against Dr. Bob Sears demonstrates exactly why SB276 is needed. Currently no entity in state or local government, including the schools, have the authority to reject an exemption letter signed by a doctor,” she mentioned. “The exemptions described in the complaint do not follow the standard of care, and if issued after implementation of SB276 and subject to the triggers specified in it, they would likely be flagged as unjustified.”

Sears’ History May Prevent Leniency

Some observers consider the medical board’s earlier ruling on Sears’ misconduct was forgiving however hope that received’t be the case once more, particularly since his case may very well be an instance to different physicians writing spurious medical exemptions.

“I certainly hope that as the medical board is looking at these issues and investigating and evaluating them, they recognize his previous history, that he’s already on probation, that he hasn’t expressed remorse for what happened and acknowledged the error of his ways,” Pan mentioned. “He has continued to proclaim he did nothing wrong, which I find very disturbing. You’re put on probation for acts of negligence, and you go on Facebook and say you’re not in the wrong.”

Even if the board doesn’t absolutely revoke Sears’ medical license—which is one potential end result of the grievance—Pan hopes the results will guarantee he can not proceed to difficulty medical exemptions.

“If that’s the issue he’s being cited for, then certainly whatever sanction he receives needs to stop him from continuing that behavior,” Pan mentioned. “Otherwise, one could argue that’s sending the signal to other people that the consequences aren’t very serious.”

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