Big purse money, and passion for rodeo keeps the Livingston Roundup a “Cowboy Christmas” staple

LIVINGSTON – 95 years…that’s how lengthy the Livingston Roundup has been occurring for. But it wasn’t till about 26 years in the past when present president Bruce Becker and the remainder of the Roundup affiliation determined that this rodeo may develop into one thing a lot larger.

“The association decided we wanted to grow our rodeo. We increased each event by 500 dollars per event, per year until now we’re about 104,000 (dollars) added,” says Livingston Roundup Association president Bruce Becker.

And it was that delicate progress that has boomed the Livingston Roundup into one in every of the high PRCA rodeos throughout the globe.

“As far as the PRCA goes we are the 59th largest PRCA rodeo by purse,” Becker added. “There’s 712 sanctioned rodeos by the PRCA, so we’re in the top 10 percent so we take pride in that…we’re proud of what we’ve done.”

The larger purses have attracted high notch expertise from throughout the world. But there’s additionally one more reason you see the better of the finest make their option to the city of Livingston, Montana.

“I can’t explain enough about how much this town thrives on this whole atmosphere. You know this arena, this production and this rodeo,” says PRCA media relations head Josh Homer. “Just the way the town kind of envelopes the entire atmosphere of this rodeo. I know the contestants really love coming here due to that hospitality they receive.”

“You look up at our mountains back there and probably have the best backdrop of any rodeo I’m aware of,” stated Becker. “And we attract people. We had 12 people from Norway here on Tuesday night and in February I got a call from a lady in the Netherlands who wanted tickets here because she wanted to come back to the rodeo in July.”

With larger purses to be received, extra room to be made, and extra reminiscences to create… the Livingston Roundup is just going to get higher from right here.

“You know I continuously see this growing. I mean as Livingston Roundup year after year they get a better production together, they get more money added for the contestants,” Homer provides. “I mean in five more years it’ll be the 100 year anniversary that’s a huge milestone for any rodeo, I mean there’s not many who can say they’ve been around for a 100 years.”

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