A Southern Bookstore Serving Up a Little Bit of Everything

RICHMOND, Va. — “The joke was that when we opened up, we had three Civil War books,” mentioned Ward Tefft, proprietor of Chop Suey Books, “But we’re in Richmond so we see a lot more now, and it’s grown since then.” Since it first opened 17 years in the past, the shop has grown extra than simply its native historical past holdings, and has develop into a well-stocked cease for guide lovers strolling the colourful Carytown district of Virginia’s capital (and former capital of the Confederacy). As described on its web site, Chop Suey Books gives “gently used literature, art, photography, architecture, design, philosophy, poetry, theater, film and the like” volumes.

The Children’s Room is organized chronologically from expectant-parent guides to board books to picture books and all the way around to the young-adult titles. The walls of the room are decorated with brightly painted murals of the store’s cat having fantasy adventures, but other whimsical bits turn up elsewhere around the store — including a large stuffed pink unicorn perched atop a shelf of adult memoirs and biographies.

The second floor also houses the store’s Fiction Room. “This is our most popular room,” said Tefft, who said he’s tried to make the literary-fiction titles for sale there inclusive and representative of different points of view. “We try to get a strong international selection, African-American and indigenous authors.”

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